Eva "The mother"

Athens 21/01/2018

I remember myself always passionate about style; I was saying to my mother since a very young age what I want or I don’t want to wear, selecting from my tiny wardrobe the most fashionable items. My game was to change styles in front of the mirror and create nightdresses with my sheet. My mother was so much excited about that and she was staring my random inspirations saying to me: “Oh Eva I am sure one day you will become a fashion designer”.

Mmm quite so, didn’t exactly happen that way but somehow, at once, near to my adolescence age, the inspiration came back. My fascination that period wasn’t the sheet dresses as I was trying to figure out how to do strange constructions. And when I am saying strange I mean strange. Collecting every spare and beautiful in my eyes material like colourful threads, forgotten pearls from my mother’s old broken necklace and wires from my father’s storeroom, I was creating jewellery to wear to school. Long necklaces with threads and flowers, rings made of wires and pearls became the apogee of my style. My happiness was to explain to my wondering friends how I made them.

After some years I became a mother and I have memories from my baby and me, in my little first store in Athens playing and laughing as we were trying to join colourful stones with precious metals. The light of Athens and my daughter’s smile became then my inspiration. It was the period that I started making some “serious jewellery” with precious materials and it went well as my fame started to expand.

My little girl grew up and she has the same passion like me for style, jewellery and precious materials. Mom, I want an Online boutique store with fine jewellery to express our passion, she said and I followed. She is the energy and I am the wisdom. Our brand name followed the combination of our names Nadia and Eva transformed to Nadiva. Our Jewellery are made only by precious materials and we cooperate with some very Unique and well known Jewellery designers in Greece. Our Collections are elegant, trendy, dynamic and designed for modern Queens, exactly like I grow her up.